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2021/10/23 10:55 PM

To get started you need to have your User Name and Password handy.

Builder Lynx works best with a current version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.
If you continue, you will experience issues with Builder Lynx.
Click Here To Download Firefox (free).

Web Browser
Builder Lynx strongly recommends that you use Firefox to access Builder Lynx.
  • Improved printing support.
  • Faster browsing and page loading.
  • Download the latest version from
  • Install using all the default settings.
Security Information
Builder Lynx strongly recommends:
  • Do not save your login password in your web browser (Firefox). If you save your password then anyone with access to your computer can access Builder Lynx impersonating you.
  • Click the "Logout" button when you are done using Builder Lynx.
  • Close all your web browser windows when you are done using Builder Lynx.
  • Do not write your password down on paper, or if you do, make sure the paper filed securely away from your computer.
  • Your password is strong and secure. You can update your password using the "My Information" link after you login.
  • You do not share your username and password. Please contact Builder Lynx if you need a new login for you or your staff.
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